Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Interesting and Unique Christmas Traditions around the World

"Christmas" the word itself creates an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. More than 160 countries around the globe celebrate Christmas each year. Though the spirit of this day is more or less the same all over the world, the traditions very from country to country. Let's take a look at 5 countries having uniquely awesome Christmas traditions! 


Christmas in Australia has quite a few things that’s totally unique and different from the rest of the world. First they have Christmas in SUMMER, 'Christmas Bush' a native tree with small green leaves and cream coloured flowers and wait-for-it, kangaroos what they call the ‘six white boomers’ for reindeers!
As for traditional Christmas meal, they have cold ham and cold turkey, seafood and salads, traditional Christmas puddings, pavlovas and gingerbread in Christmas shapes.


It is a land where Merry Christmas becomes 'Meri Kurisumasu', and KFC (yes KFC) is the traditional Christmas food! We are talking about the land far at the east of Asia, we are talking about Japan. They have started celebrating Christmas only recently and they have already learnt how to do it right. 
Though it’s a not a government holiday on 25th of December and there’s not much religious value of this day, the Japanese spend the day spreading joy and love and eating lots and lots of KFC. Not so bad Japan!


The Germans celebrate Christmas pretty traditionally except for one thing. They decorate their homes with Christmas tree, lights, candles, glass ornaments which is very German by the way, read Bible and sing Christmas carols. Now the thing that’s a little different or should we say scary, is that, in Germany Father Santa comes accompanied by a scary devil-like character to warn the children to be good! 
In Germany they eat ‘Stollen’ which is a very special kind of traditional fruitcake, duck, goose, rabbit or a roast, accompanied by German delicacies such as apple and sausage stuffing, red cabbage, and potato dumplings for Christmas dinner.


Now let’s travel to a fairy-tale like Scandinavian country, where the actually believe Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is true! In Norway they hide away all brooms, men fire guns into open sky. According to their ancient belief, Christmas eve is the perfect time for witches and dark spirits to emerge from hell. They also believe a gnome like creature named Nisse will protect them and bring Christmas presents. Children leave a bowl of porridge out for him.

Julegr√łt a rice porridge with an almond hidden inside, giant pork meatballs, ginger-bread these are traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes from Norway. 

The Czech Republic

This central European country has a very interesting tradition going on for Christmas. On Christmas eve, unmarried Czech women stand putting their backs at the door and throw a shoe towards it. If the shoe lands on it’s heel towards the door that means she has to be lonely for one more year, but if it lands with it’s front towards the door, that means she can kiss her parents goodbye and plan a wedding down the line! Some Czechs fast during the day till the Christmas dinner is served, that way they have hope to see a mystical ‘golden piglet’ appear on the wall, which means good luck!

The Czech traditional Christmas dinner is often consists of fish soup (made of carp), and fried carp with potato salad and home backed Christmas cookies.

In Spain, Portugal and Italy they re-create the village of Bethlehem along with the figures of Mary, baby Jesus and a ‘caganer. Now a caganer is figure of a squatting human as if it’s going to take a toilet. Ancient traditions, what to complain! And all in the good spirit of Christmas! 

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