Friday, June 26, 2015

Treat Your Guests with These Delicious Dessert Presentation Ideas

There's no doubt that dessert is often the most popular course of a good dining experience, and with so many different desserts to choose from these days, the desserts that really stand out often have impeccable presentation and look every good as they taste!

Presenting your desserts at home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, so let’s look at some of the simplest ways to create a stunning dessert presentation with no experience necessary!

For more mouth-watering dessert and food ideas stay tuned with Pud for all Seasons! Now let's check a few dessert presentation tricks that will blow your guests's minds!!

  Turn a Simple Dish into a Masterpiece

One of the best ideas to turn a simple plate of dessert into a masterpiece is to take it off the plate altogether. Use some of the more modern looking presentation glasses and goblets you can get from any local store or supermarket and turn your desserts into a stunning work of art.

Use See Through Glasses

This presentation works best when your dessert has multiple layers of ingredients, so if you make the best chocolate and biscuit yogurt dessert this side of Timbuktu, then show off all of your hard work.
Slowly layer each glass with each ingredient to create multiple layers that can be seen through the glass itself. If each ingredient is on display, you will have your guests watering at the mouth in anticipation to taste your delicious creation!

Use the Cutlery to Your Advantage

Another great way to introduce a dessert to guests in a sophisticated way is to use the cutlery itself as the presentation device. Many upscale restaurants use simple, single serving spoons with a variety of different desserts on them as a way to allow for a sumptuous dessert, whilst getting a little bit of everything.

Entertain Your Guests with Delicious Canapés

This is a great idea for parties or evenings where you may have many guests, as your guests can enjoy little bites of delicious desserts, and leave you will little or no clean-up afterwards. Make your cutlery your bite size Canapés
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Decorate the Plate

A popular way to bring your dessert presentation game up to scratch is to use extra ingredients to decorate your plate or serving device. When serving a gourmet pudding or cake, many like to sprinkle grated chocolate, or use a fruit coulis to decorate the plate. This is a great way to add a little extra chocolate sauce or sugar to the plate and allow your guests to take what they deem suitable in each spoonful.

Make the Plate Your Canvas

Try using different shapes plates, bowls and cutlery to suit your cooking style to add an extra dimension to your desserts. It is well known that food has certain visual stimulant properties that help to make it more appealing depending on how it is prepared. So choosing to decorate your dessert plate in a sophisticated technique and using chocolate sauce and crushed pistachios can really make a big difference.

Add Additional Treats

One of the best ways to ensure that your dessert goes down well is to include additional treats as part of the main dessert. Think exotic fruit slices, rich crunchy biscuits and chocolate drops to really bring an added oomph to your presentation style.

Add Additional Treats to dessert
Surprise Your Guests Using Add-ons

If served in a glass, why not add a simple biscuit to add an extra dimension of texture to the dessert and it may bring out better qualities in your original recipe. With desserts, if it looks stunning, it often tastes stunning, so don’t hold back on creating a deliciously visual dessert extravaganza for your guests to enjoy!