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From Puddings to Ice Cream – Our Favourite Desserts

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It’s no secret that dessert is the best part of any meal, but how can you choose between so many delicious options? The range of different types of desserts that can be found is nearly inexhaustible but today we’re going to give you a rundown of some of our favourites.


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There are many different varieties of cakes, but the idea behind a cake is pretty much unanimously agreed upon – Cakes are sweet desserts that are usually baked. They can be simple or very elaborate depending on the recipe and construction. Cupcakes, tea cakes, chocolate cakes and fruit cakes, cakes are the dessert of choice for a formal dinner or celebration, be it Christmas, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.


One of the best types of desert, the concept of pudding creation doesn’t differ too much to cake – you combine ingredients with a binder such as cereal, flour, butter, eggs, and/or suet. The mark of the pudding is the way in which it is cooked - baked, boiled or steamed. Puddings are usually associated with Christmas but can actually be sweet and savoury – we like the sweet ones best!

Cookies and Biscuits 

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Cookies are some of the most versatile dessert foods. Originally starting off as being similar to cakes ‘cookie’ derives from The Dutch word ‘koekje’ which means ‘little cake’. Traditionally cookies were made by taking spoonfuls of cake batter and putting them in the oven test the temperature. Now the range of cookie types is endless from more traditional chocolate chips to meringues, to toffee and almond bars.


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Ring-shaped or filled, doughnuts are a delicious dessert option. Whether they have fruit preserves, cream, custard or other sweet fillings, or are dusted with cinnamon or coated in sugar glaze, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Frozen Desserts

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Ice cream, gelato, sorbet and popsicles all fall under this category. Usually ice cream consists of a dairy base that is frozen while being churned into a creamy consistency. Gelato also uses a milk base but introduces much less air to the mix than ice cream. Popsicles and sorbet should not have any dairy in them at all, popsicles traditionally being made by freezing a flavoured liquid (like fruit juice) around a sick and sorbet from crushed and churned fruit.


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Another delicious favourite is Pastries. Flaky and buttery or made of unleavened dough, pastries rely on their high-fat content for the scrumptious taste. Palmiers, croissants, pain au chocolat and Danishes are just a few examples of fabulous pastry treats. Usually, pastries are served for morning or afternoon tea with fruit, chocolates, or other sweets.


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The simplicity of pies, tarts and cobblers should never be underrated. Consisting of a filling and a crust made pastry or crumbs, pies can be extremely versatile as well as delicious. The fillings are often seasonal fruit and a certain quantity of sugar, but nuts and custard are just some of the other ingredients pies can include.

True dessert lovers may have noticed that their favourite dessert is missing from this list. With so many types of desserts out there, cronuts, fritters, custards and cheesecake along with many, many more simply can’t be classified into any one category.

Here at Pud for All Seasons, we love to cook and create and we are always trying out exciting new dessert recipes as well as perfecting traditional ones. Our delicious puddings might be just the ticket for your next celebration, get together or even just the perfect way to treat yourself after a big day.

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