Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's Always Handy To Have Pudding in the Pantry!

As we’re sure you know, we’re big fans of cakes and puddings here at Pud For All Seasons. Suitable any time of the year, our puds can be enjoyed after a meal and also make a great snack if you’re feeling a bit peckish. Having a few puddings on hand is a great idea, as they’re popular with people of all ages. Read on to find out some of our favourite uses for them...
  1. Whenever unexpected visitors drop in, you want to have a go-to snack that you can prepare quickly. Pop a pudding in the microwave for 3.5 minutes, and you’re set! Alternatively, you can serve slices of pudding cold, which are great with coffee.
  2. Our puddings are healthy as well as being very tasty, so they’re always a hit with the younger ones. A slice of pudding can make a great snack at recess, so why not put a slice in the kidslunchbox?
  3. If you’re out of ideas about what to buy someone, a pud can make a great gift for the person that has everything. A cute little pudding makes the perfect birthday or Christmas present, or just as a way to say thank you!
  4. Possibly the greatest thing about pudding is that it can be served in so many ways. Here’s some of our favourite pud serving suggestions:
  • Fry a slice in a little butter - very Scottish!
  • Layer the cold pud in a sundae glass with icecream, cream and sauce. Yummo!
  • Crumble the pud, roll it into balls and dip it in chocolate.
  • Slice the cold pud into fingers and serve with a custard fondue.
  • The little single serve puds make great Bon Boneire too!

For a full range of regular and special dietary puddings like gluten free, dairy free and vegan puddings, check out the Pud For All Seasons website. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed by our homemade pud!

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