Thursday, October 20, 2016

Gourmet Food Ideas for A Healthy Brunch

As we approach summer, the notion of breakfast and brunch outside on the weekends becomes all the more appealing! There’s no doubt that gourmet puddings make for a healthy and appetizing snack to enjoy on your patio or veranda, but there are plenty of other excellent options that you can enjoy on those beautiful sunny days that are so common through the latter parts of the year. 

We’ve had a look a few gourmet brunch and breakfast ideas in this month’s blog that you might just want to try out!

Eggs Florentine Waffles

As most foodies know, waffles make an amazing desert and there are multiple options if your planing to serve them in the morning. Having them with fruit such as strawberries, berries and even pineapple are good options, as is the classic maple syrup.

Eggs Florentine on bacon and cheese waffles, Image Source

But a savory waffle dish can be just as delicious, and the eggs florentine with bacon and cheese waffles is the pick of the bunch. When you make the waffles, you just need to add 2 strips of crispy bacon cut up into little pieces and a quarter cup of cheddar to the batter.

Serve with spinach and the hollandaise sauce, which as in all eggs florentine dishes comprises of egg yolk, butter and often lemon. Spices and herbs are also welcome on top - salt, pepper or paprika can be a good addition.

Buttered Mushrooms

Another savory delight that is healthy and tastes delicious, mushrooms are served over toasted buns with a delicious butter sauce. The mushrooms are lightly fried for 4 minutes but the real skill comes in getting the sauce right. A mix of various flavours, the sauce compromises of butter, lemon juice, garlic, and herbs including oregano and parsley. 

Image Source
This makes for a delicious tangy flavour that contrasts with that of the mushroom nicely, particularly when a little salt is added on top when serving.

The beauty of it is that this recipe can be added to and experimented with, so feel free to add other ingredients and see how it turns out!

Crepes, Honey & Oranges

We finish off with a gourmet brunch option for the sweet tooth’s out there; pancakes and crepes with fruit make a great healthy option! The dish involves the preparing of the crepes, which is fairly straightforward and made out of milk, sugar, flour, eggs and cinnamon. These ingredients are mixed together and fried to form the crepes.

Crepes and Honey
Orange slices and honey, which are lightly fried together, are placed on top, with the possible addition of a mascarpone mixture. This is made by mixing together honey, orange rind and mascarpone and refrigerating for a few minutes. When serving more honey syrup can be poured over the top. Then it’s time to enjoy!

Why not give a few of these gourmet dishes a try in the coming months? 

If you have any other recommendations, don’t be afraid to comment below and share them with us! Remember that for the best gourmet puddings in Victoria, browse through the Pud For All Seasons website today.

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