Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Winter Delights!

We are proud believers in the idea that traditional pudding is a delicacy that can be enjoyed all year round – hence our name! In this article, we look at some of our favourite pud deserts that can be enjoyed in the winter time. When it’s cold outside, curling up with a warm pudding is the bee’s knees, especially when they’re made with Grandma’s old recipe. The season is quickly coming to an end, so make sure you take advantage and heat up with these yummy deserts in front of the fire.

Double Choc Orange

Simply put, nothing beats a bowl of hot chocolate and orange pudding and ice cream on a cold winter’s night. There’s something about the warmness of the pudding mixing with the coldness of the ice cream that turns your tastebuds on their heads. For lovers of chocolate, you can’t go wrong with this dish all year round; even more so in the winter time. The orange addition complements the classic double choc flavour, given a unique tang that you’re not likely to forget till winter rolls around next year!

Traditional Plum Pudding

This old favourite is often enjoyed in Australia in the summer time, seeing as it is traditionally served in December. But it was conceived as a Christmas winter desert in medieval England; as early as 1420, according to some accounts. During the early years of plum pudding and even today, it was common practice to insert coins into the mix and those who discovered them after being served. Another tradition was for people to make a wish while stirring the pudding mix. Never underestimate how great this brandy soaked delights can be on a cold winter’s night. There’s a reason they’ve remained popular from generation to generation.

Date and Butterscotch

What would this list be without more of a fruit-based pudding? Our version of the classic Sticky Date Pudding is one of our all time faves. Available in gluten and diary free forms, this pud simply melts in your mouth and is one of those classic winter deserts that you never grow tired of.  The original Sticky Date Cake is said to have been conceived of in England’s Lake District in the 60’s, though there is some debate over exactly where it hails from. What we can agree on is that it’s brilliant in the colder season; nothing beats that hot butterscotch sauce!

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